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Natural Weight Loss With Portion Control

With summertime right around the corner, many of us are looking for ways to lose the excess winter weight and get into that bathing suit we've been eying. There are many diet plans, appetite control pills, and weight loss plans floating around, some of which work for people, and some that do not.

Perhaps the safest way of dieting is to eat healthy and exercise daily. Along with the eating healthy comes not only your choices in food, but something many people forget: portion control. It does you no good to eat healthy if you are still eating enough food for three or four people.

You should slowly cut back your portions, doing so too quickly can hurt your body instead of helping. Make sure you are eating five small meals a day, with portions no bigger than one cup. Doing so slowly will help you manage your food better. Eating five smaller meals instead of three large ones helps to cut out on the hunger which drives you to overeat as well.

Keeping your portions small allows you to eat something of everything, without making you feel as if you are missing out. Portion control helps you in every eating situation, not simply at home. When going out to a restaurant for dinner, ask for smaller portions. You may end up paying the same amount for less food, or you may have to take some home. With all the BBQ's and cookouts coming up, use your common sense when it comes to eating. Putting a small handful of food on your plate lets you sample a little bit of everything, again without compromising your diet.

Do not fall into the bad habit of forbidding your body junk food. A small cup of ice cream will not add on fifty pounds, but if you do not allow yourself the small cup eventually your body will begin craving the ice cream. When the cravings begin is when you fall into the trap of over indulging on a food.

Healthy eating with portion control is the safest way to control not only what goes into your body, but how much. Doing so this way is much safer than putting foreign chemicals from diet pills into your system.


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